About Fifty Shades

About Shay


Hello, world (or whoever is reading this)

My name is Shaylea, and I am an aspiring blogger (kind of!)  For those of you (probably all of you) wondering why I chose this blog name, the reasons are simple: 1) It's catchy. 2) Anyone that knows me can tell you there is about fifty (if not more) different sides to me, and well it just fits. I'm 22 and live in a small town in Oklahoma. My hobbies include binge watching serial killer documentaries, petting every dog I see, sleeping in too late, never ever being on time, and drinking an unhealthy amount of dr. pepper. I love my family and friends and I just want to spread a little happiness/positivity wherever I go!

The point of this blog is for me to talk about my struggles with Mental Health. To give advice. And to just simply let my feelings out! Please feel free to leave feedback!


-Shay :)